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We will never forget

We will never forget

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“Where were you when the world stopped turning on that September Day.?”  Eleven years ago, a day we will all remember exactly where we were and what we were doing.  That fall, my family was planning my little sister’s wedding as we waited for news on my father’s health.  It was emotional for my family to begin with and that September morning I was sitting in my office with an agent discussing the office policy on “farming”, when I heard the news.

What was going on?  This was crazy, there is no way a plane could fly into the world trade center and then another one and one into the pentagon and then the field in Pennsylvania.   The first thing we all ask, “where are my family members and is everyone accounted for?”  That little sister was getting off the subway and walking to work when she realized what was going on; people were fleeing the city via the Brooklyn Bridge.  I didn’t know where she worked or how close she was.  I called her cell phone and she answered, she was ok!   That was as close to losing a friend or family member I had that day.  Sadly, so many others were no that lucky.

Fast forward 11 years. This Sunday we were watched 60 minutes on Sunday Night, the story was “No Easy Day”, a member of the Seal Team 6s’ account of the day we got Bin Laden.  It brought me back to that day, the day the world stopped turning, the day we will never forget.  And we haven’t!  10 years of relentless following, intelligence, many lives, we avenged the needless deaths of so many hero’s.

The Seal was asked, why the book, why now?  He said it was nothing political, he just wanted everyone to know firsthand what happened, how it happened and that there was no single hero.  It was a country, our country.   And why now:  because it’s the anniversary and he doesn’t want anyone to ever forget.