untitled-2785 cutchogueQuite often, as real estate professionals, we are asked, “what are buyers looking for in a home?”.  While that all depends on personal taste, one universal trend is neat & in good repair. These two things will make buyers notice. A well maintained home is obvious in the details. Buyers look for things like service tags on the furnace, chipping paint, loose pavers/steps or overgrown landscaping, just to name a few. A combination of any of these things can be an indication of neglect and deter a buyer from making an offer.

So first and foremost, make sure you take care of any and all maintenance. No detail is too small. If that wiggly railing is bothering you, a buyer is sure to notice and wonder what else has gone unattended. Spring is a good time to go over your maintenance checklist and begin crossing things off.

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