Why you should consider pricing below a key threshold,it may help you sell faster. This should go without saying, but you constantly see homes listed above certain tiers. For example, should you list at $405,000 or $399,000? While it’s perhaps debatable, you’ll probably get more eyeballs on your listing if you list below $400,000.

This is partially to do with how filters work on popular home listing websites, and partly to do with how the human mind works. At the end of the day, the final price could be well above $405,000, even if you list a lot lower.

Also note that buyers are keenly aware of things like Zestimates and Redfin Estimates, whether accurate or not. So listing below these numbers might also boost buyer appeal.

Just be sure you get enough interest to sell above list if you desire that higher sale’s price. You could argue that listing low is risky but the same can be said about listing high, then having to reduce the price after the fact.

January 2019  The truth about mortgage, Colin Robertson