Kristen Rishe of North Fork Management Group, LLC, which offers property management services, has also found that summer’s end has a new definition on the North Fork. Also as a real estate broker with North Fork Real Estate Inc., she agrees that while pools close up in September, homes are still being used into the New Year. The property management group coordinates storing summer furniture, removes air conditioners, cleans up yards, drains outdoor faucets and sprinklers, and so much more to prepare the home for the winter.

Clients are generally proactive, following the guidance of North Fork Management Group, LLC to ensure their home fares well in the offseason. Rishe has found contractors are able to offer discounts in the offseason when their work is not as high in demand, making this an ideal time to work on your home. But, don’t forget about the inside. 
“When things quiet down, it’s time for inside projects,” Rishe explains. “Freshen up the paint, change that leaky faucet and lighting fixtures, clean out your closets and drawers, kitchen cabinets and garage. We encourage our clients to always stay ahead of any issues, you never know if you will want to rent your house out for a month or even sell. Staying ahead of major projects will relieve a lot of stress.”

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