What sets us apart? One word: SERVICE. Our approach to real estate is quite simple: give our customers and clients the absolute best service they deserve! 

Working with buyer and sellers has changed a lot over the years. The internet has become the great equalizer. From the smallest boutique to the largest company, all agents have the same access and exposure. 

Whether you are a buyer or a seller, it is critical that you have a dedicated agent. A buyer searching for a home will find listings posted on too many sites to count. A simple google search will result in pages and pages of listing portals to search from. A buyer’s agent will help navigate through this and help choose and negotiate for a home that’s best for you.

When listing a home for a seller, great pictures are a must as is posting the listing on the internet for all buyers to see. All agencies have the same resources to market and expose your home. There is no secret sauce. Statistically, 66% of the time neither the agent nor their company will bring you the buyer. 

So in a sea of real estate companies and agents, what should you be looking for? Service! We take pride in giving our customers and clients a completely competent and comfort level service above all else. We answer the phone and return calls immediately. We don’t have admins schedule appointments. We don’t have an automated phone service and a list of options to choose. We don’t wing it; if we don’t know an answer, we are honest and say so and make every effort to get the answer. 

We educate our clients with the real estate market trends and real estate values. But we also know that we work for you and follow your instructions. We follow through the transaction details. We attend the home inspection. We listen to their thoughts and concerns. We work side by side with other real estate agents, inspectors, mortgage brokers, appraisers, attorneys and insurance companies to facilitate all aspects of the deal. We are a team of seasoned agents who work together and share ideas. We believe a handshake is a commitment. We take this job very personally!

So when deciding on what agent or agency you should choose, you may think the size of the company or the price they give you is the best way to hire. This may be one of the largest transactions you will do in a lifetime, so make sure you are comfortable with your agent. After all, the agent is the person you will be relying on to get you to the closing table.

Best Team