Summer 2016So Long #Summer2016

Another year, another summer that absolutely flew by. While I hate to see summer go, for me Fall always feels like a chance to re-group and get ready for the change of season. As each year goes by I reflect on the wonderful constants in our community and the inevitable changes.

As many of you know, I was raised on my family’s farm. Like clockwork, our busy selling season would begin Memorial Day weekend. Knowing that Memorial Day was coming, we worked tirelessly to prepare and remained busy until Labor Day. These Summer weeks meant endless hours of preparation (aka blood, sweat and tears) for what would be one of the busiest weekends of the summer. The week before Labor Day we loaded flatbed after flatbed with 50# bags of potatoes and onions. Labor Day came and so did our loyal customers. Summer residents stopped at the farmstand to buy our Labor Day “special” combo for $12.00. In addition to our infamous combo, these customers would load up on tomatoes, string beans, corn, zucchini and just about any vegetable they could. I think they were just as desperate to gobble up every last bit of summer as we were. Each car left heavily loaded down to head back “up island.” And just like that, “Tumble Weed Tuesday” was quiet as a mouse.

Fast Forward to Summer 2016; few of the same old timers are even around, even fewer remember the days of the Labor Day special. Actually, there is no need to even run the Labor Day Special because most of our summer customers will be back the following weekend. No need to stock up; after Labor Day many of our summer customers transition to weekenders and come out each weekend much in to the Fall. This extended season grew gradually. At first, families extended their weekend visits until Columbus Day. Before we knew it we had customers weekending until Thanksgiving. And why not, it’s simply beautiful out here this time of year! Now we even have folks that weekend out East throughout the winter.

Why am I sharing this “old timers” story with you? What is the relevancy to Real Estate? Our busy Real Estate season used to be Spring and Summer. Now we have buyers shopping year-round. While January and February still tend to be weather specific (good weather=more buyers), now we find that the rest of the year stays active in the Real Estate world out East. So, like our farming business, the North Fork Real Estate market has definitely undergone a change over the course of time. While I can attest we are still quieter than our neighboring South Fork, and our traffic back-ups are nothing like the famous South Fork trade parades, things are a’changing. Love it or leave it, one thing is for sure, it’s very hard to leave the North Fork behind.