springSpring is here!

Put away the heavy jackets, pull out the gardening clothes, and dust off the lawnmower, it’s that time!

Perhaps you haven’t been to your house in a few months, or perhaps you have just been inside binging on Netflix, either way, below are some helpful home tips to consider this spring:

Inspect your exterior – take a look at your roof, your siding, the foundation.  Anything look broken, cracked, or different than you last remember?  Although we had a mild winter, Mother Nature can wreak havoc with cold, wind and snow.  If it doesn’t look right, have a professional check it out.

-Check your outdoor faucets – hopefully you drained these last year – but if not, turn them back on and check the pressure.  If you can easily stop the flow by putting your finger over the spout, you might have a leaking pipe somewhere.

-Check your gutters – April showers are coming and clogged gutters are a big contributor to leaks.  Also make sure the gutters drain away from the house as standing water next to the foundation can lead to moisture in the basement.

-Inspect your interior – check your attic and basement for signs of water staining, smells of mold/mildew, and evidence of critters (they like to be warm for the winter too).

-Check your smoke/CO detectors – believe it or not these have an expiration date.  If your detectors are yellowed and look like they were installed when the house was first built, they probably were.  If expired, get a new one!

-Have your AC system serviced – in anticipation of the warm days ahead.

Of course, if you don’t feel like doing any of these things, North Fork Management Group can handle it for you!  Contact us to see how today!

Once you are done with the above, well, I leave you with two dreaded words: Spring Cleaning.