The Real Estate Season on the North Fork.

We have been often asked,  “when is the best time to list my house?”  Our answer is when you are ready, that’s when its time.

In years past, before the North Fork became a destination, the summer season was Memorial Day to Labor Day.  Our selling season was the spring and the fall. 

This has changed along with the North Fork.  While the busy season was Memorial Day to Labor Day that slowly turned into from Mothers Day to Columbus Day, then it started to creep from Easter to Thanksgiving.  Now, we are that destination year round.  Most of our clients come out on the weekends every month.  We very rarely see clients totally winterize their homes. 

The selling season has changed as well.  The quietest month is and will probably always be December.  However, the buyers are always looking and are ready to buy when that house comes on the market.  The weather can be a factor as well.  If it’s cold and bitter in the winter, we will definitely be slower, but if it’s a fair winter, we stay busy.

Zillow has determined that August and September are the best times to list your house.  Real Estate is local.  We would be happy to talk to you about the market conditions and when you should list your property.  But keep in the mind, the most important time is when you are ready.  It’s an emotional process, and we are here to help and guide you.

Best Team