Have you ever wondered what Realtors are thinking as they tour a home?  We thought it would be wise to give some observations from the other side.

It’s only fair to start by saying that everyone’s home is their personal space, and everyone has good days and bad days in that space. That being said, when you list your home for sale thus begins the time to be a Suzy Homemaker superstar! And if that’s just not in the cards, at a minimum try to take the following items in to consideration:

  • If possible, a home owner should not be present during a showing. There are many reasons for this but most importantly – the objective of a showing is for the buyer to feel like they are in their new home (that they have to have!). When the seller is present it’s hard to open closets and cabinets, let alone feel at home. It’s unnerving to the buyer. A showing is typically 30 minutes – a walk around the neighborhood can do the trick. Buyer Emotional Attachment = $
  • De clutter your home.  We all are guilty of it. After years of living in a home we accumulate many things. Prior to listing your home, pack up anything you will not REALLY need over the next few months. What sellers may not realize is that personal items, particularly when overwhelming, are distracting for the buyers and take up space. They lose focus on the amenities the home offers.  Ask you broker what you can do to stage house your house and TAKE THEIR ADVICE.  Space = $
  • A dirty home.  We always tell our homeowners that we understand that they still have to live in the home, but it doesn’t take much to change a buyer’s perception.  In a nutshell, try not to leave the house like you ran out because it was on fire, tidy up. Condition =$

 A few examples:

    • Shut your toilet covers, empty your garbage and put your dishes in the dishwasher. 
    • Don’t leave your wet towels or clothes on the bathroom floor. 
    • Clean the pet doppings out of your yard
    • Make the beds
  • Repairs. Lose door knobs, missing trim pieces, a cracked window….. if you do not attend to minor issues like these a buy may question if/how the seller has maintained larger, costlier items/issues like furnace maintenance and other items less visible. Condition = $
  • Pets. Unless you have a saint for a pet (which we have seen!) please try not to have the pet present for showings. A barking or crying dog can really set the wrong tone or worse yet, rush a buyer out of the house. Buyer Emotional Attachment = $

Real Estate will always be an interesting business – each day bringing us the unexpected! It’s part of why we love the job.  Using our years of experiencing the unexpected, we would love to guide you through selling your home. Let us prevent you from falling in to the pitfalls other sellers have experienced.